Reaching the Muslim World with the Gospel

Welcome to Hope of Persia Ministries

We are commited to preaching the Gospel to the Muslims in the Middle East and around the world. 

From the end of our street to the ends of the earth. Our mission is to bring Muslims into the life, family, and purpose of God. Whether that is our friends, neighbors, coworkers, or people around the world, we want to make an impact, a difference.

HPM will be sensitive toward the culture and peoples' way of thinking, living and customs in that region. We will share the gospel in a way that shows them Christianity is not a "Western religion', and that Christ gave his life for them.

Winning Muslims to Christ through evangelism.

Connecting believers. Teaching them the Word of God in a simple way that glorifites 

 Jesus. To let them know that the Word is for them and will apply to them. To put them in touch with other believers so they can expereince the blessing of belonging to the family of God.

Discipling believers - To teach them how to be a leader in all aspects of their lives and

service to the Lord. 

Sending believers- To tell others about the experience they have had and to fulfill the            Great Commission.

Our Mission